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Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility


Carcinogenicity studies of paliperidone have not been performed.

Carcinogenicity studies of risperidone, which is extensively converted to paliperidone in rats, mice, and humans, were conducted in Swiss albino mice and Wistar rats. Risperidone was administered in the diet at daily doses of 0.63 mg / kg, 2.5 mg / kg, and 10 mg / kg for 18 months to mice and for 25 months to rats. A maximum tolerated dose was not achieved in male mice. There were statistically significant increases in pituitary gland adenomas, endocrine pancreas adenomas, and mammary gland adenocarcinomas. The no-effect dose for these tumors was less than or equal to the maximum recommended human dose of risperidone on a mg / m2 basis (see risperidone package insert). An increase in mammary, pituitary, and endocrine pancreas neoplasms has been found in rodents after chronic administration of other antipsychotic drugs and is considered to be mediated by prolonged dopamine D2 antagonism and hyperprolactinemia. The relevance of these tumor findings in rodents in terms of human risk is unknown.


No evidence of genotoxic potential for paliperidone was found in the Ames reverse mutation test, the mouse lymphoma assay, or the in vivo rat micronucleus test.

Impairment of Fertility

In a study of fertility, the percentage of treated female rats that became pregnant was not affected at oral doses of paliperidone of up to 2.5 mg / kg per day. However, pre- and post-implantation loss was increased, and the number of live embryos was slightly decreased, at 2.5 mg / kg, a dose that also caused slight maternal toxicity. These parameters were not affected at a dose of 0.63 mg / kg, which is half of the maximum recommended human dose on a mg / m2 basis.

The fertility of male rats was not affected at oral doses of paliperidone of up to 2.5 mg / kg per day, although sperm count and sperm viability studies were not conducted with paliperidone. In a subchronic study in Beagle dogs with risperidone, which is extensively converted to paliperidone in dogs and humans, all doses tested (0.31 mg / kg - 5.0 mg / kg) resulted in decreases in serum testosterone and in sperm motility and concentration. Serum testosterone and sperm parameters partially recovered, but remained decreased after the last observation (two months after treatment was discontinued).

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